Nautical Planters for the home and garden!

Our Nautical Planters are a great way to share your love of boats with your love of gardening. Nautical decor goes outdoors with our beautiful all fiberglass planters. The Wineglass Sailboat Planter and the Mckenzie Drift Boat Planter are durable and made to last a lifetime. You'll be proud to have one in your garden. Guaranteed to make people take a second look!

The Wineglass Sailboat Planter


Wineglass Sailboat Planter

The Wineglass Sailboat Planter is modeled on the classic hull shape that you can see in many marinas. Our beautiful all fiberglass Wineglass Sailboat Planter is perfect for sharing your love for boating with your love for beautiful flowers!

The planter is 17" wide, 9" deep, 8" high and is designed to hang on any flat surface such as a fence, a wall of your house or at the dock at the marina. It comes predrilled for hanging and also includes a small hole for drainage. Plant it with real or artificial flowers, it's simply a delight to look at.

The McKenzie Drift Boat Planter

Mckenzie Drift Boat

The McKenzie Drift Boat Planter is a faithful rendering of the very popular river fishing boat. Based on the dory hull, this classic boat is a favorite for river fishing.

The planter is 48" in length and is designed to hang on any flat surface such as a fence, or under the window of your house. As you can see, the sweeping lines make it an eyecatching design.

Like the Wineglass Sailboat Planter, the high shine fiberglass is weatherproof and easy to care for. Just wash it from time to time with a little soapy water and it will last for years to come! One word of warning regarding our nautical planters. They have the tendency to make you want to go boating and it is possible that you will get less work done around the yard! You have been warned!

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