Fun, Simple and Inexpensive Nautical Decorating Projects

Here's some ideas that show just how simple Nautical decorating can be.

Shell project

OK, I agree, as far as Nautical Decorating goes, this is as simple as it gets. But, that just shows it doesn't take a rocket scientist (nautical decorating scientist) to be creative.
As you can see from the photo, it is simply a shell with an assortment of different sizes of Starfish. The addition of a few agates that were gathered on one of the many beaches on the Oregon Coast is just a little personal touch that reminds us of one of our trips to the coast.
For those of us who live close to the ocean, where there are lots of little shops that sell these pretty colored starfish and shells, it's easy to put a little display like this together.
The same kind of shell can be used as a soap dish and looks really cool!

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