Nautical Decorating Project #2

A pair of framed photographs of the Oregon Coast

A little nautical decorating project for your home

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

This little nautical decorating project is a great way to introduce that feel of nautical decor to the walls of your home or office. We are supplying these photos for you. Click on either photo to be taken to a page where the images are much larger. Feel free to copy the photos but please do not sell them as your own. They are copyright protected but you are free to use them for the purpose of this project. Thank you.

For this Nautical Decorating project, you will need the following items.

1. 2 photo frames with mattes
2. Some way to print the photos, either your own printer, or from a printing facility
3. Clear tape
4. A picture hanger
5. A hammer
6. Glass cleaner

First thing to do is to get the photos printed. I have an HP printer that prints fabulous color photos. If you don't have a printer that can print photo quality prints, you can copy the photos to a floppy disc or CD and get them printed by a printing facility. You want to end up with a print that is 8X10.

Once you have your prints and the frames, find a nice flat surface to work on, such as the dining table and clear the decks. Nautical Decor Project #2 is about to happen! Put a soft towel down on the table and lay the picture frame face down on the towel.

Open the back of the frame. This is usually just a matter of turning a couple of holders although some frames will require the use of a pair of pliers to grab the little clips. Be careful if you are using pliers not to apply too much force. Remember, there is glass on the front side of the frame.

Remove the backing and the inside material until you have the mattes in your hand. Place the photo behind the matte and adjust it until you have the photo centered with no border showing. Tape the photo to the matte using just small pieces of tape on 4 sides.

Now clean the glass on the inside. Take care. There are sharp edges on the glass and it is fragile. Clean it very carefully and then before you put the matte with the photo back in place make sure that there isn't any dust on the glass.

Once you have the matte back in place, put the back in place and lock it doing the reverse of when you opened it. Be careful if you are using the pliers again.

Now you have to clean the front of the glass. Take care and get all the fingerprints and marks off.

Find a place to hang the prints. If you have framed both photos, they really compliment each other when hung close together. But you can also spread them around. It's a nice touch of nautical decor for any room!

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