Finding Annie

The latest novel by Award Winning Author Michael Matthews

Victor Davis from Springfield, Oregon is about to discover that losing the love of his life is not the end of everything but the beginning of something new.  As much as he doesn't feel like going on, Victor finds out that it is not that easy to give up.  He sets out on a journey that takes him places he never imagined he would go and shows him a side of himself that he never knew was there. As the journey unfolds, Victor comes to realize that there just might be some truth to that old saying that "coincidence is just God's way of remaining anonymous."

Comments for "Finding Annie": 

Living after a loved one dies is a difficult thing. I was amazed at how the writer was able to take the same feelings I had had in the past and use them so well in this story, a little different scenario but the same feelings. This was written so well that I cried and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was riveted to this book to the end. A wonderful story of life and Tagpow

Of the books I have read by this author (and I have read all of them) this one is my favorite. I read books for a good story and this was a great story! I was right there with Victor crying, laughing, thinking " now what?" This book took me places I have never been, also another reason I read. The of the most important parts of a good story is the ending, and I was not disappointed. I felt very satisfied with the ending. If you want a great story that takes you places you've never been and doesn't let you down in the end, this book is for you! Linncie

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