Sometimes, the most difficult part about offshore sailing is...

"Getting There"

A 2013 "IPPY" Silver Medal Winning Novel!

Sailing Novel...Getting There

Mick Brese has been dreaming of going offshore sailing for most of his adult life but as the old saying goes; sometimes the most difficult part of offshore sailing is getting there. He’s worked hard and kept his life uncomplicated so that he can follow his dream. The last thing he needs is to fall in love but that’s exactly what happens when a beautiful Chinese woman shows up at the marina and steals his heart. As if that’s not a big enough complication, his best friend and sailing buddy disappears under mysterious circumstances and finding him makes Mick realize that sometimes your friends have secrets that are better left undiscovered. As this nautical adventure unfolds, the peaceful and familiar waters of the Gulf Islands become more dangerous than Mick ever imagined offshore sailing would be and he starts wondering if he is going to live long enough to make his dream come true.

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